The Care Roundtable of The Alzheimer's Project focuses on support for caregivers and aims to strengthen the local network of services available to people living with dementia and their families. Providers, experts in dementia, family caregivers, residential and day care providers, public safety representatives, and community organizations collaborate and meet to discuss strategies to help improve the system of care for individuals impacted by the disease.

The Care Roundtable’s efforts are highlighted through numerous programs in the community such as:

  • The Respite Voucher Program, faciliated by Southern Caregiver Resource Center and Coast Care Partners, offers relief to those caring for residents living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias by providing a voucher to cover half the cost of hiring a fill-in caregiver.
  • The Take Me Home Program, headed by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, is a regional photo-based information system designed to assist law enforcement during encounters with community members who have a disability or other limiting condition, such as dementia.
  • The Alzheimer’s Response Team (ART) Project, piloted through a public-private partnership with Aging & Independence Services, the Sheriff’s Department, Grossmont Healthcare District, Sharp HealthCare, and Alzheimer’s San Diego, launched in 2018 to provide an alternative pathway for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias experiencing crisis situations.
  • Dementia-Friendly Activities Toolkit: Families and caregivers play a critical role in helping people with dementia to stay engaged. This toolkit includes activities and resources that support the needs of people living with dementia and make it easier for them to remain engaged in pleasurable and interesting activities. When using this toolkit, remember to be flexible with the activities and adjust as needed. Track what works and doesn’t work to improve your next activity. Use and share this toolkit in your community: 
  • Caregiver's Handbook
    If you are taking care of a loved one or someone is caring for you, this handbook will help. It is designed both as a road map and document file for your journey. We are proud to present our latest edition, click on the following link to access the handbook in various languages.


For more information about the Care Roundtable, please contact the County of San Diego District 2 office at: Office-(619) 531-5522 | Fax-(619) 696-7253