The devastating impact of Alzheimer’s disease is expected to escalate as the region’s elderly population surges.  The San Diego County Board of Supervisors in 2014 established The Alzheimer’s Project, an unprecedented regional initiative to address the toll of the disease on families, communities and our health care systems.

The Alzheimer’s Project has brought together for the first time an unparalleled team of experts and decision-makers. It includes local leaders in the fields of health care, research, caregiving, law enforcement and County and City government. Also involved are San Diego philanthropists and representatives of private residential and home care providers and community organizations serving caregivers and older adults.

Project leaders are attacking the disease on four fronts: The search for a cure (Cure Roundtable), clinical diagnosis and disease management (Clinical Roundtable), care for patients and caregivers (Care Roundtable) and public education (Public Outreach and Awareness Roundtable).

“We have our road map, our battle plan, and we’ve started to execute it.
We will beat this disease. We will find a cure!”

Chairwoman Dianne Jacob, San Diego County Board of Supervisors, District 2