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Are you worried that your loved one may wander and get lost?

The “Take Me Home” Program is a regional photo-based information system hosted by the Sheriff’s Department accessible by all Law Enforcement in San Diego County. It is designed to assist Law Enforcement (Police and Sheriff) during contacts with members of the community who have disabilities such as, but not limited to Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome, deafness or any other Developmental Disabilities.

The program promotes communication and gives Law Enforcement access to critical information about the individual enrolled. The Take Me Home Program can provide Law Enforcement with emergency contact information, detailed physical descriptions, and photograph of the individual, known routines, favorite attractions, or special needs of the individual. This information can assist Law Enforcement in communicating with, locating a residence for, or handling an emergency involving an individual with special needs. This program has photo recognition technology attached to it. If an individual is located and cannot communicate, a photograph of the individual can be taken in the field, sent electronically and checked against those in Take Me Home Program for similar or match.

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What assistance is available to help older adults and those with special needs who live alone to safely remain in their homes?

Project C.A.R.E

Project CARE (Community Action to Reach the Elderly) is a program to prevent social isolation in older individuals and/or those with physical or mental disabilities by maintaining effective contact and empowering individuals to remain as independent as possible in a safe environment. Project CARE is a collaboration of several different community agencies and organizations throughout San Diego County.  Aging & Independence Services is now contracted with Interfaith Community Services and 2-1-1 San Diego along with ElderHelp and Jewish Family Services to provide Project Care services which include:


Access Assistance Call: Referrals to appropriate community resources such as Minor Home Repair, Sheriff’s Take Me Home Program.

Support Services: A home visit to assess needs, strengths, and determine goals.  Create a care plan. Recommend completion of a “Vial of Life” emergency form.

Follow up Support Services: Follow up on care plan goals. Cross referrals to additional resources such as Adult Protective Services, Case Management, and In-Home Support Services.

Ongoing Support Contacts: Assurance contact via automated phone system or staff and volunteers in-person visit, at minimum once per week.

For referrals in the North Coastal and North Inland Counties Call:

Interfaith Community Services at (760) 941-0140

For referrals in the North Central, Central, East and South Counties Call:

Dial# 2-1-1


GPS Wandering Pilot Program

Alzheimer’s San Diego is slated to launch a Wandering Prevention program pilot program to make GPS wandering-assist devices more accessible and available to families whose loved ones have Alzheimer’ disease or another dementia. The program is supported through a $10,000 grant awarded at the recommendation of San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox and the proposal was approved at the April 26, 2016 Board of Supervisors meeting. The program will provide 100 families who have a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia with a free GPS monitoring device.

The Wandering Pilot program will work collaboratively with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Take Me Home program.

Interested in taking part in the pilot program?

Call: 858.492.4400 or click Wandering Pilot Program for more information.


"6 in 10 people suffering
from Alzheimer's
or another dementia will

Mary Ball
President and CEO,
Alzheimer's San Diego


Project CARE