caregiver & patient support

The San Diego County region has a wide variety of services and resources to help those with Alzheimer’s, along with families and other caregivers. Community capacity for supporting older adults with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and their caregivers is being further developed.  The Care Roundtable has been working to increase awareness of end-of-life issues, hospice and palliative programs for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias through End of Life events held in the County.  They are also increasing culturally and linguistically appropriate caregiver outreach and services through holding various Hispanic Caregiver Conferences. There is a current effort to expand Family Caregiver Resource Centers throughout San Diego County and to increase the awareness and use of Facilitating Access to Coordinated Transportation (FACT) as a resource for affordable transportation.

Expand Availability, Affordability & Accessibility of Care and Respite Services

The Care Roundtable is currently developing a strategic plan to address the following recommendations:

  • Expand availability and affordability of dementia-specific adult day care (ADC) and adult day health care (ADHC)
  • Increase affordability of home care
  • Increase availability, affordability and appropriate levels of residential care
  • Increase access to, availability and affordability of respite care for caregivers

These recommendations concerning Caregiver and ADOD Patient Support will be areas of focus over the next several years.  Some of these recommendations tackle large-scale, systemic issues and will require significant resources and the building of community capacity.

Caregivers in the Workplace

Caregiving impacts the caregiver and can have impacts in the workplace as well.  Aging & Independence Services (AIS) has been working with employers countywide to provide education/support to employee caregivers to help reduce the stress associated with caregiving and reduce impacts on workplace productivity.

AIS will pilot a County workplace demonstration project to support caregivers and maintain employee productivity.  Once the impact and effectiveness of the pilot program have been measured, AIS will reach out to employers outside the County to share best practices. The Caregiver Coalition of San Diego offers free online lunch and learn workshops that provide information and practical tips as well as links to helpful sites and agencies in San Diego County.