Steering Committee

The Alzheimer’s Project is guided by a Steering Committee chaired by County Supervisor Dianne Jacob. Joining her are: San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer; Darlene Shiley, President of the Shiley Foundation; Sheriff William Gore; Eugenia Welch, President/CEO of Alzheimer’s San Diego; Michael Lobatz, M.D., with Scripps Health; and Nick Macchione, Director of the County’s Health and Human Services Agency. Committee members also participate in the project’s roundtables and the initiative Collaboration4Cure.

Care Roundtable

The Care Roundtable is chaired by Pam Smith, a longtime advocate for older adults and a recognized leader in the field. It is comprised of a diverse group of community partners, including caregivers, community-based organizations, day and home providers, healthcare providers, experts in dementia care and staff from various divisions of the County’s Health and Human Services Agency. The group is working to improve care for those with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, along with boosting assistance to caregivers and families.

Clinical Roundtable

The Clinical Roundtable brings together neurologists, psychiatrists, gerontologists, and members of the care community to provide expertise on the screening, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. The group, co-chaired by Michael Lobatz, M.D., a leading neurologist with Scripps Health and Nicholas Yphantides, M.D., M.P.H., the County of San Diego’s Chief Medical Officer, has developed the region’s first standards of screening, evaluation and diagnosis of dementia, as well as guidelines for disease management, including behavioral and mental health issues. The group has started working with primary care physicians to help them better identify resources for Alzheimer’s patients and to improve diagnosis and clinical care.

Cure Roundtable and Collaboration4Cure

World-class researchers and physicians are collaborating with County and City officials, The Shiley Foundation and Alzheimer’s San Diego to lead the charge in identifying a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Boosting funding and partnerships for research and encouraging community participation in clinical trials are primary focal areas for the group. The panel, chaired by Supervisor Dianne Jacob, was initially called the Cure Roundtable, but it later evolved into Collaboration4Cure, a drug discovery effort led by local researchers and Alzheimer’s San Diego.

Public Awareness

The Public Education & Awareness effort is being led numerous community and media partners, in partnership with the County’s Aging & Independence Services’ Outreach and Education team. This group is charged with developing an Alzheimer’s education and public awareness campaign focusing on the first signs of Alzheimer's disease and early diagnosis of the disease, along with exploring the possibility of presentations at County libraries and other facilities, and developing a plan for providing Alzheimer’s and other dementias training to public safety and social service personnel.